I write therefore I am

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I think therefore I am, Descartes dared to say several centuries ago. Now, on the XXI century I ask myself if the sentence ‘I write therefore I am’ makes more sense to me.

Here’s my theory; to think involves to have an idea, reflect about that idea and even rethink about it. However, to write it down means to express that idea in order to share it.

That’s where I find the main difference, in the sharing part. Otherwise what all those ideas would be doing there invading your mind without having any use?

Understand usage as a healthy social contribution, a constructive critic, a poem or even a good morning note left on the fridge for your roomate. Anything works and anything is appreciated.

Generally speaking I would extrapolate it to create. Creating is existing, is living. Creating is to share, it is to not let your old and new ideas in a coorner of the mind. Those ideas that swarm deep inside.

It’s not to let them wither, but motivate them to get out to get some fresh air so that they can be influenced by new experiences, costumes and lifestyles.

Sometimes I ask myself if writing is a mere exercise to pump up the ego or an exercise of inner reflexion and outer expression. Sometimes I wonder if my words make any sense and if the eyes that read them understand my world.

Sometimes I wonder but I stop wondering and I write instead. No pictures, nothing, just as life itself…


That’s it, I write therefore I am.



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