The Trip I Made with Someone Named San Pedro

This is not a trip like any other, it’s in fact one of the most intense and deep I’ve made. It’s not a pilgrimage trip with a saint named Pedro nor is it religious. It’s something spiritual instead. An indoor trip and in between worlds with a sacred plant as a helper. Some years ago I’d have said, “nonsense I don’t believe in those kinds of things!”A sacred plant that’s adored by Incas that make you see things? … Continue readingThe Trip I Made with Someone Named San Pedro

Trujillo and Máncora, the North of Peru

We fall in love with Trujillo, with its colonial patios and its preinca past. The ruins of civilisations that are previous to Inca show us another face of history, that same one that’s often covered by that last empire. The grill windows of neat white colour remind me slightly of the southern part of Spain. The architecture of this city calms me down for it’s close and familiar. … Continue readingTrujillo and Máncora, the North of Peru

My Favourite Food in Peru

What’s clear is that Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world, so in vogue lately. As soon as we entered the country, even if it was the capital, we realised streets were full of people offering and demanding food and not just any; one that’s fast, cheap and of great quality. … Continue readingMy Favourite Food in Peru

Cusco with an ‘s’, past and present of the former capital of Inca Empire

We leave Ollantaytambo behind, the Inca place par excellence to head to Cusco, another Inca meca in which cultural melange is present in the architecture. On our way we discover crosses together with ceramic little cows on the tiles, representing the Andean duality, an heritage from that same Inca past. … Continue readingCusco with an ‘s’, past and present of the former capital of Inca Empire

Ollantaytambo, the Living Inca City

We get down from Machu Picchu, we are tired and really need to rest. The descent takes an hour and a half but on a stairs path. We don’t feel our legs anymore. After, two more hours and a half to get to hidroeléctrica. Behind the train station, we are lucky to find a man that takes us to Ollantaytambo for 20 S./, when a taxi or van would charge you twice. There we went again, to that mad road. We speak with the driver and agree that the Peruvian government doesn’t want to fix it because there’s the option of taking the train (and getting more money from it) and won’t offer another alternative.
Continue readingOllantaytambo, the Living Inca City

What They Didn’t Tell You About Machu Picchu

I remember seeing pictures of Machu Picchu and how I got surprised after seeing that hidden beauty, surrounded by so many misteries. I soon realised on my way to Machu Picchu that nothing was as I had imagined and what I witnessed was quiet ugly. If you really want to know the truth that’s behind the way from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, keep on reading. … Continue readingWhat They Didn’t Tell You About Machu Picchu

From Chaos to Simplicity

Sipping on a hammock and listening to Peruvian cumbia I wonder why everyday can’t be like this; in connection to nature, living a simple and humble life and learning about a new culture.

Arriving here wasn’t easy, communication is not good and mountains don’t help you either but it was all worthy. 7 hours from Lima to Yurinaki, an hour from Yurinaki to La Florida (3 people on a motorbike, big backpacks included) and another more hour to the coffee farm in an infernal path full of big stones. As usual the road is what you make of it. … Continue readingFrom Chaos to Simplicity

The Two Sides of Lima

We could say Lima has two sides, or several. To sum up I’d base it on my experience in this chaotic city that divides millions of people every day.

We get to live the culture in full, thanks to Antony, our first host in Latinoamerica. He lives in one of the hills in Lima, consideraded dangerous for some and believe me that’s what I thought on first sight. … Continue readingThe Two Sides of Lima