To Jump Whatever It Takes

To jump whatever it takes, that’s what I have to do. That’s what I want to do. It’s a feeling that comes from deep inside and goes out of my chest. It needs to get out and expand, grow and evolve, just as that spiral I have tattooed to remind me every day.

I remember that one time I was canyoning in Valle del Jerte and I felt scared to jump out of a waterfall. I remember that one time I was in Canaima, one of the prettiest and purest places I’ve ever been to and I was scared to jump into the water. Scared to jump.

Guayaquil, a City Seen from a Lighthouse

We spent some quiet days in Guayaquil, where we enjoy very good company and conversations. It’s our first city in Ecuador, after having left Peru behind. We feel like starting a new chapter and discovering a new culture that even if it’s sister of the Peruvian one, it has different features.

Around Medellin, the Land of Paisas

Medellin deserves that you take time to go across its streets and soak its cultural life but its surroundings don’t fall behind. All over Colombia, the residents of these lands, known as paisas, are famous for being the kindest and most attentive in the country. I honestly find that’s a fact everywhere in Colombia but it’s true that in the towns around Medellin, life goes on at a different pace.

My places in South America

My places around South America; it’s hard to choose, thousands of images blend, experiences get mixed and it’s hard to sum up, to condense, to abbreviate. If there’s something I loved about this six-month trip around South America has been the contact with nature.

San Andres for Backpackers

San Andrés, an island located in the Colombian Caribbean that you can also visit with the all-inclusive bracelet. An island that is closer to Nicaragua than Colombia and keeps its Afro-English-Caribbean legacy to the rythm of mento and speaking Creole, a broken English without grammar rules. 5 days in the paradise for 180€, are you coming?

El Cajas, a Day Trip from Cuenca

We get away from Cuenca (Ecuador), from its festivals and its cobled streets, its beautiful coffee shops and its pretty river. We don’t do so because we are forced to or because the city burdens us but because we want to visit its national park, el Cajas, a natural, desirable and very well kept landscape.

Barranquilla’s Carnival, one of the biggest carnivals in the world

Barranquilla en Carnaval

30 people, 22 nationalities, 1 house, 5 days. That was as its peak. Some days there were more than that, some less but the amusement and good conversations were always present. People coming from all over the world to celebrate one of the best carnivals in the world, the one in Barranquilla. Thanks to the generosity and openness of an excellent Couchsurfing Colombian family, the cultural exchange was lived in an intense way in calle 8 of municipio Puerto Colombia town.