Is My Treasure There?

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The treasure of getting lost in the mountains of Czech Republic

Listening just to my heart is not something I normally do. Faint sounds of falling stones, dead leaves that seem to move by the presence of any fairy tale being that comes to see me. To see me? Suddenly, a door blocks my way. It must be because my treasure is not there. I will look for another way out, then. Music, what for? I prefer the silence and the peace that my slow steps inspire when touching the floor.

I can hear sheep in the background, is it here where I am supposed to be? Shit! This way goes to where I started. No, wait there is something on the right side.

Instinct, I hope you are taking me somewhere otherwise we will have a little talk back home.

Far away I can distinguish the Beskydy Mountains. Is my treasure there?

A dog is barking. I think it doesn’t want me here.

I love staring at trains passing by because it’s like seeing the opportunities you do not like, vanishing. It is like saying I am staying  here, you can leave if you want to!

Czech Republic mountains

the treasure in Czech Republic

I have heard that there are lizards in these mountains. I believe that they come to visit me but they leave as quickly as they came. Maybe they feel embarrassed, I think they don’t like me.

Gorgeous houses that seem to be participating in a beauty contest catch my attention, each of them even more coquettish than the previous one.

Nature in Czech Republic

Oops, will I remember how to go back? I should have left a trail of bread crumbs behind just like the lost and frightened Hansel did. But, oh well, I am neither lost nor frightened so, let’s keep walking.

Hey! I can hear the sound of my hair moving, I don’t think I have ever felt that before. I arrive in Trojanovice which means that my instinct proved to be right.

I’ve found a place to have lunch. It’s not that fancy but it seems to be ‘blessed’. How ‘lucky’ I am! 

Trojanovice the mountains of Czech Republic   Travel to Czech Republic

Suddenly, I bumped into the chocolate house. It was as I imagined, brown and colourful all over.

Visit Europe

After gazing at it for a while, I sit down and think, “What am I doing here?, What is it that I am looking for?” I keep on walking disappointed by the fact that I don’t know the answer to the question that was stuck in my head. There are some signs on the way, I just wish I knew what they are trying to tell me.

mountains in the Czech Republic

No, thanks. They are of little use to me right now. I don’t think what I am looking for is written anywhere, neither do I know if someone has ever been there before.

I was almost home when I looked left and saw a river. A river? I think it is calling out my name.


My jaw dropped as I stared at the beautiful landscape revealed before my eyes. Amazing! I said to myself while I was looking carefully at my reflection in the crystalline water.

I suddenly realised. I had been so blind before that I couldn’t see what was so obvious. I wasn’t searching for anything, I came to find ME!

I stood up and rushed towards where I had arrived. Adrenaline and anxiety were pumping my blood while I ran grinning from ear to ear. Now my way seemed to be brighter. It was the same one but prettier. Without knowing it I had found what I wanted from the beginning.

That day I learnt to listen to the inner voice and to follow my instinct.


The right path is the one you pick. That was the one it had to be. Do not hesitate, take the risk!

— I started to write this story the 24th of August 2012 while I was following myself. Today while finishing it, I am still moved by the freedom I felt that day. Adrenaline invades my whole body and a big smile appears on my face.

That day I decided that if plans changed, I could change mine too.

The way from Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem to Trojanovice, Czech Republic. 6 kilometres that separated me from a hidden treasure that ended up being myself.

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