Why Having Friends Abroad Hurts

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Friends in the distance

You travel, make new friends, forever connections, live unforgettable moments and unique experiences.

You tell each other, ‘I’ll visit you or we could make a trip around any country some day…’ You even talk about projects in common and about your plans back home.

You visit each other. I always warn them at the beginning, ‘don’t say it because I’m the kind of persona that who takes it seriously and goes abroad to visit friends’. And I do visit them. Several times. They do visit me.

You see touristic and non-touristic places, remembering the times where you were in other countries, other lands, years ago, months ago…

You go to pick them up at the airport, banner included, and make a big effort so that they discover your culture as much as possible, you introduce them to your friends and family.

You see the most hidden places of Istanbul.

Friends in Turkey showed me Istanbul

Or get lost in the streets of Athens.

Travel to Greece

Or discover the charming cafés of Cluj.

Cluj, the best student city in Romania

When travelling is quite easy to make friends, to have deep conversations with open-minded people and to share special moments.

Until then everything is allright.

Farewells when travelling

Farewells are what hurt the most. I’d rather say ‘see you’ than bye because it means we’ll see each other again, no matter how, no matter when.

But then that train, plane or car comes, the one that separates you both temporarily and a knot gets in my throat and an unavoidable anguish invades my body. 

And time passes, like autumn leaves fall compassionless.

Autumn in Romania

Missing birthdays, weddings and special moments of your closest friends is not cool either.

But then you see each other again and you forget everything, sometimes people have changed but the essence of their character is still with them.

You enjoy your time together and take the best out of every second because you know it won’t last long.

You laugh at that time when you were lost in India, or that time when a Tibetan guy tried to flirt with you or when you tried Balut, that special/disgusting food in Puerto Princesa.

You remember when you went to the ‘German beach’ to find there wasn’t a beach at all but a muddy place instead. Then we decided that we could have a mud war.

You remember the time when you saw one of your best friends with her baby on her arms, for the first time.

Then you realise it’s totally worth it because that’s how distance friendships are, intense and long-lasting.

All those moments are the ones that define your friendship, a friendship that doesn’t understand about borders nor distances, countries nor time zones.

A special and unique friendship that endures.

Dedicated to all those who are far but still close…

See you soon!


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