Azores a tu aire

Travel destinations: Europe

Europe, the continent that witnessed my birth and growth; Europe, where I start all my long trips and where I come back again and again.


Spain has been my starting travelling point and since I was a child I started to explore it with my family. Even though I haven’t written about my own country as much as I’d wanted, here you have what I wrote about it: Extremadura, my second home and The first time I hitchhiked.

But in reality everything started when I was 18 years old. That summer of  2006 I started to travel alone. Everything started in a country called Ireland.

As I grew up I started to realise that travelling is my thing, that exploring is what moves me inside. That having friends around the world made me richer and even though it hurts to have them in the distance, it was worth it to make that lifelong trip.

I lived and travelled to several countries in Europe, volunteered, joined every interesting project I found and applied for every grant that came accross. Every experience that I added in my dream backpack wasn’t enough.

One of those enriching experiences was teaching Spanish and English in a summer camp to children from 6 to 16 years in Czech Republic.

Czech Republic

volunteered as a Spanish and English teacher in a summer camp in the mountains of Czech Republic. In those two months that I lived there, I got to see the authentic Czech Republic, the one beyond Prague.


Another of those volunteering experiences, this time as an international congress event planner for AIESEC, allowed me to live in Romania for two months. It was one of the experiences that influenced me the most because Cluj became one of my favourite European cities and the one that I always come to.

From getaway to gateaway, I discover my own continent and discover myself at the same time.

Throughout the years, I rediscover Portugal, one of my favourite countries that has so many places to see and that I’ve visited since my childhood.


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