Viajes por Asia a través del budismo

Travel destinations: Asia

I’ll start from the beginning as a way of putting together all those six months I spent travelling around Southeast Asia and India.

As a summary, this article about my experiences in Asia, linked somehow with each other:

About the first curiosities that stood out in front of me, the anecdotes in my trip and the common features I found in Asia:

Philippines, the country that gave me so much

My experience in a Buddhist temple

By living for 3 months in the Philippines I got to know Filipino culture and I discovered that:

And got to decode the reasons to fall in love with Filipinos:

I fell love with its cities, landscapes…

In love with the trace of my own culture…

About my tribal tattoo, the one that got inked by the oldest tattooer in the world. The rice fields and some pigs around were witnesses of such an adventure!

And about the Filipino mythology that caught my attention:


Flying over the South China Sea, I discover a new country that makes me keep discovering the Asian continent.

And discover part of the Chinese mystery, even if Taiwan is not China.


After living the Buddhist adventure, I fly to India, one of my pending travel dreams. I start in the North part so that I can get some peace in the highest mountains of the country.

There were more adventures around India


From India I travel to Thailand, juggling to understand the rules of a new place and absorb another new culture.

Vietnam: Da Nang and Hanoi

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