A 3 week road trip around Ireland, the Emerald Island

It seems that not even a three week road trip around Ireland is enough to see ‘everything’ this island has to offer. That island full of intense greens, kind people and beer galore.

Every place should be on the list on what to see in Ireland but I’ll share with you the ones I enjoyed the most. There’s more Ireland beyond Galway, Moher Cliffs and the hugely famous places in Northern Ireland (UK) where Games of Thrones was recorded. … Continue readingA 3 week road trip around Ireland, the Emerald Island

Travel Guide to Colombia on Your Own

Diversity is the first characteristic that comes to my mind when I think of a backpacking destination. Travellers need to see and experiment new places, it’s something implied in our DNA. Well, I believe Colombia is the right country to do so. Landscapes change only by moving between regions, accents emphasise and climate does so too.

Colombians are open and welcoming, a fact that makes foreigners feel at home. From the coast to the jungle, going through its capital, its pueblo will surprise you with a smile, with its kindness and spontaneity. … Continue readingTravel Guide to Colombia on Your Own