Travel Guide to Colombia on Your Own

Cómo viajar por Colombia por libre

Diversity is the first characteristic that comes to my mind when I think of a backpacking destination. Travellers need to see and experiment new places, it’s something implied in our DNA. Well, I believe Colombia is the right country to do so. Landscapes change only by moving between regions, accents emphasise and climate does so too.

Colombians are open and welcoming, a fact that makes foreigners feel at home. From the coast to the jungle, going through its capital, its pueblo will surprise you with a smile, with its kindness and spontaneity.

Travel Guide to Sao Miguel in the Azores Islands

Ir a Sete Cidades en Azores

São Miguel, my first contact with the Azores Islands São Miguel is like that beautiful cousin you see from time to time and suddenly she’s such a grown up. Azores Islands are much more than beaches; in fact they involve cliffs, green landscapes, untouched nature, volcano craters that become idyllic places to dive in, hot springs […]

Palomino: Where the Sea and the River Meet

Costa de Colombia

Palomino Palomino, what a beautiful Caribbean name. It reminds me of days swimming in the river and the sea, going back and forth endlessly between the two. I spent several days relaxing in Palomino—a small village on Colombia’s Caribbean coast—before heading to Parque Tayrona, a national park considered one of Colombia’s finest destinations. As it turned out, I […]

My Dear Venezuela, Travelling to a Country That Is Hurt

Seguridad para viajar a Venezuela

Venezuela is a beautiful country, surrounded by nature, unique people and charming places. The truth be told, the political and social tumultous situation the country is passing through hurts me inside as it was my own. I’ve had the chance to travel to Venezuela twice, one in 2011 and the last one in 2016. My bonds to the […]

10 Years Wandering Around the World?!

viajar a Irlanda

At that very instant I realised what was happening to me. I was arriving to an inflection point without listening inwardly, avoiding to have a real conversation with my guts. A decade had passed since my feet started to walk by intuition, alone and half staggering. I started stepping afraid and full of insecurities but certain about the fact that I was doing what moved me inside.

A decade had passed since they pushed me to follow my dreams, since I met so many people from other countries by myself, since I tried potatoes every single day of my stay and I faced my biggest fears.