5 Curiosities of Southeast Asia, Connecting the Dots

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Transporte más común en Vietnam

Curious Curiosities of Asia

Things that amazed me from the beginning, details that made a difference from what I knew. Curiosities that grabbed my attention, that continent that welcomed me with open arms.

That six-month trip around Asia allowed me to connect some similarities between the countries I visited.

The large amount of people that are in the streets

No matter how early you wake up, there will always be people in the streets. ALWAYS. People that go to work, some that live in the streets or a few that have already set their stands in order to start selling any kind of product.

DSCF2037In most of the countries I visited in Asia people start to wake up around 5 am. Heavy traffic, slow transportations and early sunrise are factors that indeed contribute to this fact. Remember Southeast Asia is the crowdest place on earth!

Intimacy is not a concept in most places

You will be asked personal questions all the time (get used to it, ladies!) I was asked hundreds of times if I was married or if I had kids as the first question in a conversation. It became so normal to me that at some point I didn’t feel intimidated.

You’re exotic to them

Locals will want to take pictures with you probably as much (or more) as you want with/of them.

Curiosidades culturales en Vietnam - Cultural curiosities in Vietnam
Vietnamese guys that followed me to take a picture in every corner

Cultura en Asia

Thai culture
Smiley Thai girls in the Shutdown in February 2014, Bangkok.

Street food everywhere

Street food is vital, essential and delicious in Asia!

Travel to Hanoi
Food stand in Hanoi

When I was in Da Nang my cousin and I were even randomly invited to a Vietnamese picnic! It was so unexpected and nice!

Da Nang friends food

traditional vietnamese food

Or you will even find some delicious food on boats!

Floating market in Thailand
Floating market, Thailand.
Street food in Vietnam
Street food in Hanoi

These fried ‘things’ (sorry, I forgot the name) I ate them both in Thailand and in Vietnam. In Thailand I ate it with sweet things and in Vietnam with a hot sauce. It reminded me a bit of churros, a Spanish delicious dessert which consists of fried flour and something else that we normally eat with hot chocolate. Yummy! =)

Food stand in Bangkok
Food stand in Bangkok
Comida callejera Sudeste Asiático
Smiles and pastries in Bangkok (Thailand).

Comida callejera Asia

Bo bia ngot is snack made out of two very thin pancakes with a sheet of honeycomb on top, typical of Hanoi. Not only that but it’s sprinkled with desiccated coconut and sesame seeds on top!

It’s really, really good. What appears on the picture is the small stand that you will find in the streets of Hanoi. Their owners carry them in their bikes (like almost anything else in Vietnam :P)

bread vietnam French
Bread vendor in Vietnam. Vietnam has a big influence from the French occupancy that lasted for some years. It’s the Asian country where I saw a bigger consumption of this product (normally in the neighboring countries they eat rice instead of bread).

Asian chaos

Chaos is in the end, the only order you will find in Asia. Of course it depends on the country you visit but the tendency is to find chaotic cities.

Discover it by yourself!

Transporte más común en Vietnam

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